Wulfmin - wulfish unburocratic lifehelp for humans in need

Gesamt Zähler seit
Alles hier geschriebene gilt grundsätzlich für alle in einer Region lebenden Menschen, und nur der Einfachkeit halber hier nur in männlicher Form geschrieben, außer es geht auf einer Seite spezifisch um eine bestimmte Personen- gruppe.
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....gemeinsam ist alles genau so stark, wie die "Anzahl" der Gemeinschafts-
beiteiligten !

For each correction we are very thanksfull. Even if there should a thought be wrong in your mind. Proposals and critics are always very wellcome and you can easyly get in touch with us by Email.

like a wulf, as strong as a wulf - we tell you in the follwing site "unburocratic lifehelp for any human in need" what we want and do.

As hard as a wulf..... we will stay at the subject, untill it will happen, or it´s clear - we will never ever reach tho goal by just precering the reliables and make public work only.

You are living in a very unhumanatic camp - or someone lives even on the street or with friends without any rights. We would like to change this situation. We want to organize appartments for everyone. But we can and will never get this alone - even for you.

Our plan is to go with someone of you to different places where usualy homeless or other people in need are living to offer them our (your and our) help - so also to stand for them and to make them understand that you are not here to take them anything away but to even give them help to as you get not chsed away from here. Get in dialog with them and find out each others problems and finanlly fight -for- and not "against" each other. So refugees first fight for homeless and others in need, und after - those may also fight for yours.

Why first refugees for those here living for long or even homeless germans or EU members - becourse they are already so spoiled, demaged strongless, so they are unable to do whatever need to help others or even to get house for themselfs and just see many groups helping yours - believing, refugees get everything and they with the clear right get nothing - which is of course also not true. But the belive is very understandable. So - you - and we, got to chance this. But we are unable without yours/you.

So please help us, so we can more even help you again.

The so called ZFW is reliable to get someone emirgencyhouse - but for refugees - we gues not. Here there is an disadvantage for refugees or other foregners. Non-refugees-non-germans even don´t get emergency house nor a bed in a camp at all.

Besite of the fact that just bremen alone has like up to 800 houses empty but usable - why don´t we try to work on this ?

We - even can´t do as much as the so called ZFW does, be we do as far as we can - unburocraticly. Is the comune (Town) unable to do the same ? They could, if they wanted.

we wanne work on that anyone hwo has no own house but right to stay here (in our mind - everyone, but we are not jet the politicians), to get one of those houses which are rentable or just empty.

But we also want no crime or disturbance between people who are the same - looking for normal house. We do not want people fiting against each other. No homes ever should feel like to be in the disadvantage, no refugee, or EU member should ever feel beeing in disadvantage. All the rights for everybody.

please help us, to conzentrade the power of mankind.

No homeless should ever be agains a homeless, nor should a refugee ever be against a homeless. And our experiance clearly shows that there is no one like that again the other. Only agains the practiced politics.

so, let us work together against or even with those to change all this - but together (we are strong), and not against each other.