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Alles hier geschriebene gilt grundsätzlich für alle in einer Region lebenden Menschen, und nur der Einfachkeit halber hier nur in männlicher Form geschrieben, außer es geht auf einer Seite spezifisch um eine bestimmte Personen- gruppe.
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....gemeinsam ist alles genau so stark, wie die "Anzahl" der Gemeinschafts-
beiteiligten !

A human in need is someone who ....

    1. has no food, - we can´t change it either, others are already doing this like the so called "Suppenengel", the "Hotdog" distrubuter (very christianary), homelessinitiative Bremen-North and some others as well,
    2. no four walls and a roof above the head - for all those we are trying to help, realizing all this,

    3. no sicknessinsurance (no medical care), you are either working officialy, or workless be unemployed registered, receiving money from government and thereby insured against sickness, or just go to a freewill doctor. Those are also existing here and there.

    4. and no normal to good cloth,

Plan to generate livingroom for who ever may need and do not find itself.

We are looking for livingrooms. Be it an appartment or whole housees. Maybe people are moving in to the house absolutly unburocraticly including rent contract with others as a comunity as long as there is no seprate appartment rentable. Once there is such an appartment, you can move over there and free your room for someone else again.